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    Sales1 is a platform that helps salespeople finish their job efficiently and as productively as possible. With different modules such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SFA (Sales Force Automation), and WFA (Work Force Automation), we can help both small & large enterprise connect with their customers - and let their customers take orders & pay - anytime, anywhere.


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    Sejahtera is the exclusive partner of D2L Brightspace, the #1 learning management system in the world. Collaboratively, D2L & Sejahtera has created AkuBelajar, a localized LMS that caters various markets from K-12 (TK-SMA), Higher Education, and even corporates. With more than 20 million users worldwide, and 60+ campuses in Indonesia using Brightspace, we are committed to changing the education landscape of Indonesia.

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    Established since 2003, we have served thousands of fleet under M-Track. Companies from Astra to Mulia Group has used our system. Equip a GPS tracking system in your fleet (trucks/cars), and enable yourself to track the location of all your assets, via web or mobile phone. Not only that, with our continuous development efforts, our customers always get the latest functions & features.


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    We understand that not every business may have the budget nor the capacity to go digital. However, our mission at Sejahtera makes this our goal to be able to still help SMEs go digital at a very low cost. Through Simplify Inc, small businesses can create website for a small fee through a very simple platform. Best of all, you can start building your beautiful website 100% free.


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