Sejahtera Group aims to bring digital transformation to Indonesia at various size, scale, and places.

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    Sejahtera Group is a group of companies that was founded in 1984. We became one of the first IBM and Apple distributor in Indonesia. In 1996, we became the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Indonesia – building fiber optic and data center until today. From the beginning, and even truer so today, our commitment is to help digitize businesses and organizations in Indonesia. We want to see an Indonesia where the digital knowledge is increased and the digital divide is lessened. With our offices located all over Indonesia, we are here to serve our clients and partner with businesses both for our tech or our diversified portfolios.


    We serve various business organizations & government agencies with their digitization efforts as well as their growth efforts. We serve with a core value of building relationships with those we engage with our organization.

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