100% Natural Herbal Diabetic Medication, made in Indonesia

  • DMPHAS - BPOM Registered, 100% Natural

    DMPHAS is made from natural ingredients - green beans and bitter melon - that will stabilize your blood sugar level with absolutely no side effects. The green beans and bitter melon (pare) contain substances where both of them have active components, namely Beta Sitosterol and Stigma Sterol which surprisingly have insulin-like performance which works to stabilize blood sugar and prevent damage to pancreatic beta cells.


    Here are the key advantages of consuming DMPhas:

    • Prevent diabetes
    • Lower & stabilizes blood sugar levels without having to always take prescription drugs from a doctor
    • Increase glucose intake in muscles
    • Restores & prevents damage to pancreatic beta cells function, so that it can produce enough insulin for the body
    • Return to having a healthy and powerful body, no longer lethargic, weak or often sleepy
    • Can sleep better at night
    • Restore Sexual Ability
    • Recovery of ulcers on body parts faster
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