Sejahtera (n.) means to be in a state of tranquility


    To become an integrated customer oriented company that surpasses established standards in business operation, corporate social responsibility, environmental protection, and well being of its stakeholders.


    Sejahtera Group is a group of companies based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in 1984, we currently operate in four different business industries. Our mission is to digitize businesses & organizations all over Indonesia


    Currently, we operate four main businesses in:

    • Network & Infrastructure
    • Information Technology
    • Bio-Medicine
    • Natural Resources
  • Our History

    Where we were. Where we're headed.

    1984 - Starting Years

    Started with a humble beginning, we firstly specialized in computer and software dealership. We became one of the first IBM distributor in Indonesia. Our experience as a computer hardware dealer and software distributor for the hospitality industry proves invaluable to both our customers and stakeholders as the group branches to other areas of expertise.

    1996 - Transitioning Years

    We became one of Indonesia's first Internet Service Providers (ISP) and one of the founding members of APJII (Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet di Indonesia). We helped create APJII's first data center in Jakarta. We are now both a Network Access Provider (NAP) license holder as well.

    2002 - Growth Years

    We grew our business and started focusing on other aspects of the business such as GPS asset tracking, system integrator, software consultant, and more. During this time, we also build and operate a voice and data network infrastructure in Indonesia through PT Kreasi Pacific. We currently run more than 10 GBPS international submarine fiber optic cable from Indonesia to the rest of the world.

    2014, Now - Digitizing Indonesia

    We further diversified our business into bio-technology & natural resources. Our core business have doubled down that has become our mission: to help digitize Indonesia from the SMEs, enterprise, and government agencies. Our tech business ranges in different industries such as fintech, SaaS, logistic tech, edu-tech, and more.

  • Operator

    We have been operation for >35 years, giving you reliability, stability, and professionalism


    Our group is open to collaborating with local & overseas partner with similar goals & values


    In keeping up with the future, we are also a venture builder investor for high growth potential startups

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    SaaS | Fintech

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    Education Tech

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    Tracking | Logistic Tech

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    Education Tech

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    Simplify Inc.

    SME | Web Builder

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    Diabetes Medicine

  • Join Us Now

    As the Group continuously grows, prospects for professional growth abounds. Our diversified businesses offer talents a variety of functional opportunities including those that are industry specific in Network, Technology, Sales, and many more.